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USED 2012 Roscoe SKB Standard Plus 5 **SOLD**
USED 2012 Roscoe SKB Standard Plus 5 **SOLD**   (Item# 5329)

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I originally sold this bass as new in February 2012. The original customer has since decided he prefers 6-strings, so he traded this bass back to me. The bass is in mint condition, it seriously looks like it just arrived fresh from the Roscoe shop.

The bass originally sold for $2624. Given the condition and the lack of age, $1999 seems quite fair.

  • Model: SKB Standard Plus 5
  • Body: Swamp Ash
  • Top: Bubinga
  • Finish: Oil
  • Preamp: Bartolini 3-Band
  • Pickups: Bartolini CB
  • Neck: 3-Piece Maple Neck
  • Fingerboard: Wenge, Fretted
  • Hardware: Black
  • Case: Roscoe Single Gigbag