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Roscoe SKB-3005 **SOLD**
Roscoe SKB-3005 **SOLD**   (Item# 3001)

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Serial Number 6040 is a Roscoe SKB-3005 featuring a lovely figure Myrtle top and a Spalted Purple Heart fretboard.

  • Model: SKB-3005 ($3750)
  • Top: Myrtle (+$450)
  • Body: Ash
  • Finish: Natural
  • Preamp: Aguilar 3-Way/18V (+$75)
  • Pickups: Bartolini CB
  • Neck: Standard
  • String Spacing: Standard
  • Fingerboard: Spalted Purple Heart
  • 12th Fret Inlay: None
  • Nut: Hand-Carved GraphTech
  • Hardware: Black
  • Case: Hardshell (+$200)
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Total Retail Price = $4475

Mytle Top Mytle SKB-3005 FL Myrtle SKB-3005 FL SKB-3005 Myrtle SPH