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Tuttle J-Master (Trans Orange)
Tuttle J-Master (Trans Orange)   (Item# 5901)

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The Story:
Years ago, one of our instructors brought in a vintage Jazzmaster he picked up, and when he told me what he paid for this “bargain”, I felt like I just needed to be nice and confirm his purchase. After an hour of playing it, he finally said, “ok that’s enough, give it back!” I reluctantly handed the prize back to the victor and began pursuit of the grail which included a little more education on this guitar.

Because of its place in the Fender lineage, history, body shape and other situations, the Jazzmaster sometimes gets confused with student and lower end Fender models. The original intent was to produce a more usable alternative to the big Gibson jazz guitars, but the guitar never caught on with Jazz players and instead became a staple of surf players many of whom had some jazz influence.

The biggest mistake is to think of a Jazzmaster as a Strat with P90s and a Mustang body. The body, bridge, and subsequent tone of the Jazzmaster is a far cry from the cutting Strat tone, and the pickups, while they look like a P90s, are built very different with magnetic polepieces and wide and flat winding. The Jazzmaster pickups provide a nice big and warm tone but retain the clarity of single coils. The articulate but warm and mellow tone of the pickups get accentuated by the large routed body and unique quality Fender tremolo bridge creating the gorgeous and luscious signature tone heard on so many great recordings of the past.

When Michael Tuttle mentioned his plan to build a Jazzmaster to me, I began sorting through my personal collection wondering which one I could sell to afford this guitar for myself. After going back and forth with specs, I ended up with most of Leo's original choices; after all, he had consulted a few of my heroes in this guitar design. The main thing that Leo lacked was the modern guitar building skills, obsessive, and meticulous mind to detail and perfection of Michael Tuttle.

Gretsch Orange on Swamp Ash body with pearloid pickguard was a natural choice for this boutique retro masterpiece. The maple fingerboard is in slight contrast to most of the classic Fender Jazzmasters, although it was an option, and makes sense given the way these were used rather than the way they were intended as a solid body jazz box. With boutique quality build, the finest detail, neck, and fretwork available, this Michael Tuttle shines as a masterful recreation of vintage vibe.

Demo Video
  • Model: JM ($3125)
  • Body: Ash ($150)
  • Finish: Trans Orange (Nitro)
  • Paint Option: Satin Lacquer Neck ($100)
  • Neck: Maple w/ Maple Fretboard
  • Nut: Bone, 1.650"
  • Neck Profile: .830-C Shape
  • Fretboard Radius: 12"
  • Frets: 6150 Stainless Steel ($150)
  • Tuners: Hipshot Locking
  • Bridge: Vintage
  • Pickups: Tuttle JM Neck & Bridge Pickups (White)
  • Controls: Volume, Tone, 3-way pickup selector
  • Pickguard: Pearloid ($60)
  • Input Jack: Side Jack
  • Knobs: Nickel
  • Case: G&G

J Master Trans Orange