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USED 2009 Lakland Skyline 44-64 Custom (CAR) **SOLD**
USED 2009 Lakland Skyline 44-64 Custom (CAR) **SOLD**   (Item# 5519)

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I recently took in this gorgeous Lakland P-bass on trade. It's what used to be called the Skyline 44-64 Duck Dunn model with the J neck. RIP Duck Dunn!

The previous owner replaced the original neodymium pickup with a Lindy Fralin pickup. The original pickup, however, is included with this bass in case you want to take it back to stock condition. The bass is also wearing a set of D'Addario medium flats. There is no case or gig bag included (of course, I could hook you up with a Mono something or other if need be).

The finish on the body and the neck is flawless, as is the neck binding. There is the slightest amount of fretwear, but it's so minor I'm reasonably confident that a light rubbing with 0000 steel wool at the next string change would eliminate it. There is one tiny ding in the pickguard, hardly worth mentioning... but I mentioned it anyway. :)

So, yeah! This is a fantastic bass! It plays great, sounds great, and it's in wonderful condition.

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