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Rivera Venus 5 50W/112 Combo **NEW, OLD STOCK**
Rivera Venus 5 50W/112 Combo **NEW, OLD STOCK**   (Item# 3499)

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Rivera has created a new legend with their Venus series of Class A amplifiers. Guitar Player Magazine awarded the Venus 3 and Venus 6 the coveted Editor's Pick. Now, they have created a new addtion to the Rivera Venus family, the 6L6 powered Venus 5.

With 50 watts of dual 6L6 Class A Magic, two independent channels with 3 band equalization powered by 5 12ax7 tubes, a lead channel with extraordinary gain and sustain, a super rhythm channel with oodles of headroom, and a new channel assignable and footswitchable Accutronics spring reverb, the Venus 5 is a stellar addition to our Venus family.

Our Rivera Vintage-Modern switch on the rear panel allows the power to be cut down to 15 watts while enhancing the even order harmonics, making it indispensable for low level recording, small venus performing, and practice. A detachable power cable as well as the AC mains fuse is easily accessed. Two speaker jacks and an impedance selector switch allow connection to the internal as well as external speakers. A Line Out jack gives you the option of slaving another amp or recording directly from the power amp signal that is at line level. An active effects loop with send and return level controls allows easy patching and signal matching to any external signal processor chain.

A 3 function FS-7R footswitch is included.

Available as a Top, 1-12 combo with a Celestion Vintage 30, and a 2-12 Combo fitted with Vintage 30's or Celestion H30's. Also available are the Venus 1-12 and 2-12 extension enclosures, fitted with Celestion G12H-30 or Vintage 30's speakers as well.

Available in Black or Pearl White as standard colors.

This particular item is the 112 combo in black loaded with a single Celestion Vintage 30 speaker. If you'd like a different variation, please contact us & let us know! We'd be happy to get you exactly what you want as quickly as possible.

  • Class "A" powered by a pair of 6L6ís
  • 2 Channels with Boosts on Channel 1
  • Footswitchable and assignable Reverb
  • Vintage look with Split Grill
  • Dimensions: 24W x 12D x 18.75H
  • Weight: 57LBS

Venus 5 30W 112 Venus 5 50W 112 Venus 5 50W 112 V30