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Lull M5V
Lull M5V (Satin Black) $3199

G&L L-1000
G&L L-1000 (Whiskey) $1389

Lull PJ4
Lull PJ4 (Black) $2875 (SOLD)

Anderson Raven
Anderson Raven (Baby Blue) $2599

G&L L-2000
G&L L-2000 (Old School Tobacco Burst) $1545

Tuttle J-Master Baritone
Tuttle J-Master Baritone (Trans Orange) $3755

G&L JB-2
G&L JB-2 (Ruby Red Metallic) $1315 (SOLD)

G&L Invader Plus
G&L Invader Plus (Honeyburst) $2289 (SOLD)

G&L SB-2
G&L SB-2 (Tobacco Burst) $1425 (SOLD)

G&L LB-100
G&L LB-100 (Spanish Copper Metallic) $1650 (SOLD)

Melancon Pro Artist T
Melancon Pro Artist T (Orange) $2865

Roscoe Century Standard Plus 5 PJ
Roscoe Century Standard Plus 5 PJ (Orange) $2950

Mike Lull M5V
Mike Lull M5V (Spalted Maple, Natural) $3865

G&L L-1000
G&L L-1000 (3 Tone Sunburst) $1425

Anderson Classic
Anderson Classic (Trans White) $2689

Roscoe LG Custom 5
Roscoe LG Custom 5 (XSQM) $4500

Roscoe LG Custom 5 HL
Roscoe LG Custom 5 Headless (Quilted Maple) $4899

Tuttle J-Master
Tuttle J-Master (3 Tone Sunburst) $3405

Tuttle Custom Classic S
Tuttle Custom Classic S (Trans Blue) $3605

Lull V4
Lull V4 (Lake Placid Blue) $2610

Lull M4V
Lull M4V (Trans Blue) $2899

G&L L-1000
G&L L-1000 (Tobacco Burst) $1399

Lull M4V FL
Lull M4V Fretless (Brandi Wine Red) $3259

USED Roscoe Century Standard Plus 5
USED 21014 Roscoe Century Standard Plus 5 (Cocobolo, Left Handed) $2499

Suhr Standard
Suhr Standard (Lake Placid Blue) $3066

Lull V5
Lull V5 (Trans Red, 34") $2685

Suhr Corso
Suhr Corso Recording Amplifier $999

USED Lull V4 Lefty
USED Lull V4 Lefty (Gold Metallic) $1999

Anderson Bulldog
Anderson Bulldog (Dark Cherry Burst) $3799

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